The Plumber Brothers (The Plumber Bros or TPB) Is A Main Character That Love Mario Bros And Gay Luigi.

The Plumber Bros
Plumber Bros Shown In Super Mario Bros 2 Box
Vital statistics
Position Youtuber
Age 10 (Real Life) 32 (Animation)
Status Main Character/YouTube Character
Physical attributes
Height  ???
Weight  ???

Derpy Plumber Crush Edit

Derpy Plumber Crush Is A First Name Of Plumber bros, He Is So Derpy And He Wanted For A retard Jokes, until Everyone Hate Them For Punishment. until Them, Mario Shoot Derpy Plumber Crush

Mario Amazing Adventure (Not Released) Edit

he Is So Retard and Get Revenge Of 1337 Police, Until Everyone Hate Them That Get Killed Of 1337 Police. Mario Decided To Kill This Character. Its From Episode (Everyone Hate Retarded Man)

Mario the Classic Plumber Edit

Mario The Classic Plumber Is Second Name Of Plumber Bros That The Name Is Mario the Classic Plumbers In-stand Of Name : Classic Mario, He Is So Friendly.

Mario Amazing Adventure (Cameo) (Not Relased) Edit

He is Cameo Of The Character Before The Ending In Episode (Mario Get revenge Because Bowser Hate Mario) That Had A Dream About Mario Killed Bowser. In Final Episode, This Character Is No longer Cameo.

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