Crumbelina DiCaramello
Crumbelina DiCaramello
Crumbelina's artwork in Wreck-It Ralph
Vital statistics
Position  ???
Age  ???
Status Main Character
Physical attributes
Height  ???
Weight  ???

Crumbelina DiCaramello is a racer from her game, Sugar Rush. She is voiced by Cymbre Walk that she appears in animated movie Wreck-It Ralph. Her candy theme appears to be based on various Italian desserts, mostly tiramisu, chocolate biscotti, and cannoli. Her signature kart is the Tira-Missile. On Mario64Alpha Wiki, Crumbelina is sister of Mario Bros and she also appears in Mario and Luigi Short.

Crumbelina The Karter Edit

Crumbelina The Karter Is The First Name Of Crumbelina DiCaramello In The Animation, She Is Racer, He Is A Friendly.

Mario Amazing Adventure (Not Released) Edit

The First Appearance Is Creation Of Images, Mario Thinking That Is So Cool, But Luigi Printed The Same Images Of The Computers, Mario See, And Says : What The? Crumbelina The Karter is Cameo.