Mario Is A Nintendo Character That He Appeared On Donkey Kong

Italian Plumber Bros Edit

A Early Version Of Mario, Appeared In Mario and Luigi Short In Early Version

Mario And Luigi Short (Canceled) Edit

Italian Plumber Bros Is Having Fun with Something Object, He live At Koopa Troooa City, He Made More Retardness And Something, There are few episode Available.

Mario Amazing Adventures (Not released) Edit

Italian Plumber Bros Was Appeared In One Episode Before Mario Bros, Its Appeared In First episode Named " Mario Adventure " Its Outline Are Black Unlike Mario Bros, Who Is Completely SMB3 Sprites.

Mario Bros Edit

A First Apperance Of Mario Named Mario Bros. She Is The Nintendo Character, And Cool

Mario Amazing Adventures (Not released) Edit

As A New Series. The Sprite Is Different, and his friend is trouble! This Sub Heading is Still Working

Gallery Edit